Shifter, Callaway, 2014-2015 Corvette, for OEM-Style Knobs

  • Short lever action reduces shift duration for lower et's.
  • Durable billet shifter base eliminates flexing under high loads for positive gear engagement. 
  • Unique design provides precision feel, eliminates notchiness. 
  • Components are machined to exacting dimensions for precise, predictable function. 
  • Adjustable stops provide positive feel while preventing transmission and linkage damage. 
  • Easy to install, complete instructions included. 
  • Shift knob not included, uses stock and aftermarket knobs for 2014-2015 Corvettes.
Now you don't have to be afraid of missing that second-to-third shift. Just push forward and let Callaway's spring loaded mechanism guide the linkage where it's supposed to go. And don't worry about shifting too hard - Callaway billet construction won't break and the adjustable stops prevent the linkage from traveling too far and damaging transmission components. Drag racers worldwide rely on Callaway Short Throw Shifters for consistent, reliable performance.
Shifter, Callaway, 2014-2015 Corvette, for OEM-Style Knobs
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